Erwin Singh Braich rips off KiDDAA Magazine 250K

KiDDAA Magazine supported Braich during his bankruptcy and was shut down in 2010 by KPMG and BC Supreme Court.

I personally met Mr. Braich two times in January of 2013 where he gave me a contract to buy KiDDAA Magazine for 250k.  We met one time at the Earls in Burnaby January 10, 2013 and January 28, 2013 at Starbucks, Strawberry Hills, BC Canada.

17 months later Erwin Singh Braich has still not  paid KiDDAA  Magazine for  a contract he wrote.  Jan 28, 2013 Emmet Tisdale Pierce took all KiDDAA websites, blogs, and passwords. Pierce maintained that Erwin Braich would pay for KiDDAA Magazine.

KiDDAA Magazine has a contract for sale of KiDDAA that Erwin Braich hand delivered to me Sandeep Singh Chopra.  We also have hundreds of texts, emails and phone calls by Braich guaranteeing payment of KiDDAA Magazine.

Braich argued with KiDDAA’s help that his bankruptcy was invalid and forced.  Now Braich’s supporters claim him to be a billionaire yet he is unable to pay KiDDAA a contract abouttwo hundred fifty thousand.

KiDDAA has always been a friend of Braich but his relunctance to pay me for KiDDAA Magazine, shows his lack of honour, friendship and commitment. Our hope by writing this blog is to inform the public of this travesty and hope Braich will pay immediately.

There is a good chance by Feb 2017 a law suit by KiDDAA Magazine against Erwin Singh Braich and Emmet Tisdale Pierce will happen.

KiDDAA in the near future will start posting all of Braich’s text, contract, and emails that pertain to sale of KiDDAA Magazine.